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Privacy Policy: Your privacy is always of paramount concern. I am registered with the ICO. 

Your details will not be shared or sold to any third party. Without your explicit consent, all information collected within a consultation, email

or telephone call will remain confidential at all times. Nevertheless, personal information will be passed on if there are serious concerns

that the patient may harm themselves or others. And where there is a legal obligation to do so. 

Patients have the right to access their record and to have inaccurate data corrected

Disclaimer: This disclaimer governs your use of this website. The material contained is provided without warranty. 

It’s aim is to promote education and understanding of Homeopathy and the EMMETT Technique. Any views are mine alone and as such, do

not reflect the views of Emmett Therapies UK & Ireland or EMMETT Technique Head Office. As a complementary therapists I do not diagnose,

guarantee specific results or make any claims for the effectiveness of any remedy or treatment offered. This is not intended to be a

substitute for seeking professional medical advice or as a replacement for diagnosis, treatment or care. 

If you have concerns about your health please consult your doctor or healthcare care provider.