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Finding your way back to you

Hello and welcome. When we meet, we’ll first get to know each other

so that I can understand not only your symptoms, but also your life situation

and any emotional issues that may be contributing to your state of wellbeing.

Alongside supporting your immediate concern, our mutual goal is to assist you

in attaining a state of wholeness and vitality -

your optimum state of emotional, spiritual, physical, creative and mental health.


We will look at all facets of your life and how your journey has led you

to be the person you are today.

 "Knowing others is wisdom,

       knowing yourself is enlightenment".    

Lao Tzu

I see patients with a wide variety of physical and emotional symptoms, of which,

an increasing number have not received a conventional diagnosis for their

ill-defined symptomology and conditions.

In these cases, I believe, homeopathy is unequalled. 

It’s integrity lies in that it treats the individual and not the diagnosis, condition or label. 

Energetic remedies are available using lactose-free pills,

              for those who choose to refrain from consuming

              animal-derived products or with dietary restrictions

"Healing is a collaborative venture"

Helen Schucman ( 1909-1981) ACIM

I look forward to supporting you ​on your

path to optimum health and wellness.

Ione Georgina Powell



"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".   Lao Tzu

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