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The EMMETT Technique


I see this exciting technique as very much akin to homeopathy, in that they both gently encourage and

assist the body to reach homeostasis, and self heal. As a result, I have found the two approaches to complement each other beautifully. That said, the EMMETT Technique is a great stand alone treatment

that helps restore movement and may offer fast relief from pain and discomfort.

While experiences may vary, relief is often instantaneous.

During this unique muscle release treatment, involving the application of light  touch finger pressure

to specific points, physical and emotional energy shifts may be released and emotional well-being enhanced. As you can imagine, many people have found this relaxing modality to be highly effective 

in reducing symptoms of trauma, anxiety and life's daily stresses.  


I believe, this gentle stimulus provides the body information that triggers a healing response.

Thereby having a profound effect on the human organism, allowing the opportunity for muscle tension

and fascia to be released and pain reduced. Thus promoting internal realignment and enabling the body 

to reset, restore, repair and rebalance.

Suitable and beneficial for everybody.  Recognised benefits include:

A reduction of pain and discomfort throughout the body.

An increase in body stability and balance. 

An improvement in posture, body symmetry and flexibility.

An Increase in lung capacity.

Greater forearm and grip strength.

Beneficial in remediating headaches and sinus issues. 

Helps support the lymphatic system.

A reduction in stomach discomfort.

Used by professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Supports training ahead of an event.

Optimises performance

Helps to prevent injuries.

Aids recovery after exertion.

Complimentary to all forms of treatment and training programs.

Imprinting again that I do not diagnosis, treat named conditions or syndromes,  

I offer this list showing some of the conditions that patients have complained of,

when such they've sought treatment.


Frozen shoulder

Tennis elbow                                    ​


Carpel tunnel syndrome 

Plantar fasciitis


Chronic Fatigue


Multiple Sclerosis



​Gentle and less intrusive than conventional body work and performed without the use 

of massage oils, the EMMETT Technique is safe and may be enjoyed by people of all

ages and stages in life.


I feel blessed to have trained under Sue Gassick, Lesley Salt, Judith Johnson, 


                                                                            and with founder ROSS EMMETT